Why we need your help

Clean air is essential to our everyday health and well-being – in fact, access to it is viewed as a human right. However, the reality for too many citizens across the EU and beyond is that exposure to unhealthy air quality is a daily experience.

Air pollution is a far-reaching, transnational problem. This is why solutions to tackle it and achieve healthy air quality need to be just as far-reaching and consider the views of people from all over Europe.

Be part of the solution to air pollution! Through answering our questionnaire, you contribute to crowdsourcing the best ideas for legislation that works to tackle pollution, clean up our air and ensure healthy air quality for everyone.

What is crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing is simply a way of solving problems and producing things by connecting online with people that otherwise you wouldn't know.

Learn about our project

CODE Europe is a transnational experimentation of e-democracy platforms for the co-creation of policies and a research project on e-participation. The project aims to allow citizens to co-produce solutions for Europe on the subject of ‘air quality’ through the method of crowdsourcing legislation in five different countries, to implement a Digital Dashboard for social listening in order to gather online opinions on the issue of ‘air quality’ and to develop a universally applicable methodology for the assessment of e-participation experiences and ethical guidelines for social listening.

* Social listening is the process of collecting and analyzing data from online sources about people's assessments, expectations and suggestions.